Region: Lake County, Geauga County
High School: No High School Affiliation
Deadline: June 1st
Amount: Varies


Student must be a junior or senior participating in an accredited high school Tech Prep or other Technical Program. Jury will award cash for welding projects. Applicant or parent must be a member of Tech Prep. There are three award competitions. The Engineering Student Design Competition is for students presently in Engineering Classes. The School Shop Awards, Division I are for high school students 18 yrs or younger and Division II for students 18 yrs and older in any shop course. Check the Lincoln website for the rules and regulations and entry form. The form is listed under JFLF Foundation: type in Awards or Education after you are on the website.

Contact Information

  • Organization: The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation
  • Name: BruceCable
  • Address 1: P. O. Box 17035
  • City: Cleveland
  • State: OH
  • Zip: 44117
  • Website: www.lincolnelectric.com